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This is a very pleasant visit from lovely Lamonica.

I really like her long and lustrous brown hair, magnificent eyebrows, freckles when seen, cheek bones, brilliant smile, pokies, navel, puffy outer labia, pronounced and multi color inner labia, and delightful bum.

I would be very pleased to view any future collaborations between Lamonica and our host.

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Very nice to see Lamonica again. It has been more than a year since her last update. I actually forgot about how pretty she really is. I love her thin feminine figure. And it seems she has a trace of Asian features in her face. Very nice. I like how Lamonica poses with that chair. Several models have posed with the chair and the dark blue background, particularly Evita Lima. And many off Rylsky's best models have posed with the chair outdoors, in the garden.

Now, the foreign language lesson for today. I'm not sure what Rylsky was going for, but the title "Pusing" translates out of Indonesian as "dizzy" (according to Google translator). And just to make sure, the English word "dizzy" translates to Indonesian as pusing.