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Klarissa is very pretty and cute. I like her petite, slender figure. Very sweet. I wish she could change her facial expressions occasionally. I bet she has a charming personality. Photo numbers 11 and 15: two great "Wonder Woman" or "Super Girl". I love it. And it is very appropriate. The title of this update, "Sarjakuva" translates out of Finnish as cartoon.

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BTW: According to Google translator, the Russian word for cartoon is мультфильм Mul'tfil'm. I am not sure how it is pronounced. Those Cyrillic characters that look like lower case b are confusing to me. I think they have something to do with how to pronounce the preceding letters. To make matters worse, Google translator has a quiet female voice which I can not hear clearly. I always imagined that was Chandra's voice.

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Mul'tfil'm. I am not sure how it is pronounced.
Try to say it as 2 words. "Moolit Filim". Say it quick and it will be perfect "Russian" pronounce.

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Thanks. :)

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It's nice to see that now and then my un-scientific theory is true. Lovely Klarissa has great lady bits and our host has included many images of them. She also has a championship calibre bum. Unfortunately we see far too few images like # 7.

All photographers should include arms akimbo poses in their repertoire and Rylsky has delivered. Glimpses of ribs are difficult to find and when they are found, they are appreciated.

Many thanks to Klarissa and an extra shout out to Rylsky for resisting the trend of extensive post shoot image manipulation.

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