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It's so much better with its fur :-)
Just like your head looks a whole lot better with healthy natural hair growing from it.
Ever asked what "sexual" hair is for?
Hint: not just to get rid of, as we see in so much erotica today.
People prefer prickly stubble, "plucked chicken" skin, a pubic area as bald as a child's. They say among other things it's for "the view." Bring on those lovely clear-cuts! But humans are always wrecking natural beauty, sensuality and health trying to improve things.
They wreck natural balance, then spend huge amounts trying to get it back ☯

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Klarissa's body is so hot, I enjoy looking at her body while I masturbate. Her armpit hair really made it much better, it is absolutely amazing and I prefer seeing her with armpit hair than without. It is so sexy !

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When I think about a sexy full bush this is the perfect example of it.

Kalrissa is sexy and perfect all around. Her beautiful face, long hair and perfect little breasts.

It doesn't get any better.

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My only problem with this set is that it's too small.

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This is downright delightful!

Klarissa has many appealing physical features. She is to be congratulated for her grooming choices and I always like seeing proof when the unscientific theory holds true.

In the immortal words of Oliver, please sir, I want some more.

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I absolutely love Klarissa. What a cute little sweetheart! She is a precious little doll, as cute as a kitten. I hope we will see much more of her in the future.

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This is interesting. Cira Narri is featured in a Rylsky gallery on MetArt this morning and I think that gallery was shot in the same location as this one. It looks very nice and tropical.

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