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Much prefer Kiara in Barcca from 17-12-2013. Beautiful young woman and just my opinion and personal taste in presenting her.

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If you like Kiara in her debut on MetArt, particularly if you like Rylsky's wet studio sets. Her first set was her tour de force masterpiece. Only three sets of photos of this very beautiful woman.

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Yes, MANY thanks to Kiara for a most "illuminating" performance. But thanks also to Mr. Big for such an outstanding treatment - except, and maybe it's just me, but in that later thumbnail images, it looks like Kiara is holding a giant, over sized bra and image #31 is just pure whimsy! Thanks.

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P.S., I just really appreciate (almost said 'love" there but that wouldn't be right) the way the lighting treatment shows us an erotic quality to Kiara without actually showing "too much" in most of the images.

Ah ...the power of subliminal suggestion!

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Thank you for another look at this beauty! Thank you!

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Yeah....perfect. Time to "fly" alright!

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Thank you Kiara. You are a beautiful woman.

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