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Finally we get a more to see of beautiful Kei. We have had to wait for to long. She is a special woman and never get enough of her. I hope there is much more to come. And perfect would be get a video of her!!!??? That might stay a dream, but it's a nice one.
I hope Rylsky can make it happen.

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It is always so nice to see our beautiful Ms Kei. She is so very pretty and she poses with such poise and confidence. Very nice. But it seems this update was shot in the same room as the MetArt gallery "Ervill", which was published in 2015. That suggests that this "update" is actually at least two years old. My best wishes to the beautiful lady who we know as Kei. I hope she is happy and well.

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No, this is not the same room, dear Neil.
Same standard manufacturer of this biiiig bed - yes:) But this is just very popular bed from Italy.

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The only thing missing on this bed is me. 😇

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Am I dreaming? Is this real life? I convinced myself there would be no more Kei. That made it easier to avoid the disappointment of not seeing her.

This is a delightful surprise. She is absolutely magnificent. I cannot thank her enough for sharing her beauty.

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Kein't get enough of her...

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Never. Never!

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This is wonderful, I had despaired of ever seeing a new gallery from lovely Kei.

Where ever she is, what ever she is doing, I hope Kei is happy. Visits from Kei always make me happy. My two favorite images are #s 9 and 18.

Thanks to all involved in bringing Keistasy to us.

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