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And the dynamite goes BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Hello again, Beautiful! My shining light!

I get more and more worried as the weeks go by that I may never seen another set of my baby. This is a very welcome surprise and my heart is calmer. Well, it isn't calm at this moment because I'm seeing a new set of her photos. But maybe later I'll be at ease.

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She dropped me the bomb!!!

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Oh no ... Neil will be rolling in it like a pig in you-know-what. ;-)

But then again ... she IS rather cute and has a certain "presence" about her that seems to come out in her photos.

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Kei would make bath time so much more fun! Adorable and sexy rolled into one.

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Much better than my old rubber ducky! ( :

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Loved Kei's expression in #6. Wonderful to see her again!

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Lovely model. These photos are nice but I wish there had been some full body poses, front and back, and some upper body frontal shots accentuating her breasts and face.

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Kei!!!! Where you been, child? Your fans need regular infusions of Kei in our lives! So good to see Kei back where she belongs, along with her special patented joy juice and the single most shapely bottom in Rylsky's pantheon. And the dreamiest eyes and the loveliest, gentlest smile.... ( :

Kei!!!! Yay!!!!

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Always a joy to get a visit from our lovely Kei. Her moist and creamy womanhood drives me wild! Her personality is always bright and sunny and I love those big blue eyes. Her body is wonderfully athletic and firm and the knowledge that she is also as bright as she is pretty really turns me on.

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I ALWAYS enjoy visits from lovely Kei.

I could write a small book about the reasons why I like each and every image.

Today I will write about images 8 and 9. One reason why I list those images is they show how irritating it is for models to go bare, or nearly so, down there. The second reason is those images give a hint of how different Kei would look if she chose to. As always, the choice is entirely the right of any model.

Thank you Kei, thank you team Rylsky.

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Our beautiful Miss Kei. It is always so very nice to see her. Such a lovely young woman. And with her wonderful blog posts, I can not help but to think of her as a friend. Kei is a beautiful and intelligent young woman and talented creative model.

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