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Lovely Kei, Such a sweet and sexy lady. Thank you for refreshing my pleasant memories. You really light my candle! There definitely is a god, No one else could have created such an angel! 7 months is just to long to go without Kei

Love you Kei, Please visit us more often.

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Psst, A Kei video with her speaking to us would be very well received.

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Hear, hear! How right you are, Hipshot!

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La la la la la la laaaaaaaa!

What you are hearing, my friends, is the sound of my heart singing. My beautiful Kei graces us again with her lithe figure and big blue eyes.

Hi, honey!

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I hear and even see this melody as spring around us when all became new and fresh and warm.

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Time for a Kei pick-me-up. So sweet, and sexy!

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Kei my love. This woman kills me with her Beauty, her sexyness. Thany you Rylsky for this amazing pics of dramgirl. A Video of her would be another Highlight.

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Another visit from lovely Kei.

Another gallery to treasure.

So nice to see you again Kei; I'm hoping you can find some time in your real life to blog us.

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Hi Kei! So nice to see you again, princess! You've been away far too long, and I'm sure the other members will agree with me on that! I especially love to see the signs you're happy to be sharing with us, like your bright fresh smile, and that lovely cream in your portal to paradise. ( : I hope things are going well with you and you continue to return frequently to share with us again!

Rylsky, along with Jeff, Kei is another of your ladies I would love to see starting out sets in lovely dresses and lingerie and heels. It just adds so much to the set... ( :

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It is always so very nice to see Kei in a new update. I have written so much about this remarkably beautiful young women, I really have nothing more to say. Kei is simply gorgeous.

It is interesting that Foxy Di or Nensi is featured in a set which was shot in the same room. In addition to this, two days ago, Tiffany was in the same room or at least the same hotel. The floor and wall color is different in Tiffany's set, but its the same radiators and the same windows. I think my favorite the white and gold room is in the same hotel. Damn! I wish I could still travel.

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