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Hi Rylsky – it has been 11 months since we had the sensational debut by Kaly Yoala. She appeared totally self-confident, relaxed and to be enjoying herself Was this a total one of or can we expect some more visits from this stunningly beautiful blonde? Unfortunately I cannot see any appearances from her on this network or any other.

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No chance, she stops modeling. I miss her very much of course.

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What a shame. She was really beautiful and had so much potential.

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Our host certainly has an eye for a little princess and this young lady is adorable. Very talented model masterfully photographed. Beautiful.

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It has been some time since you introduced a new model I found myself actively hoping to see return regularly, Rylsky, but this is one such time and I'm delighted. I hope we see a lot of Kaly Yoala in the future, and that she meets the same standard as she did in this spectacular debut!

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Welcome to this lovely, long-legged blonde. This is a really promising debut and I hope that this initial short (only 43 frames) is merely a taster of much more to come both here and are on MetArt. Kaly is a great addition to Rylsky's galaxy of stars and it is particularly nice to have such an attractive new blonde.

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Yes. Oh, yes! YES! She makes me weak in the knees, but strong as steel elsewhere. 😇

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Long and lean, Kaly Yoala is a great addition to the group of attractive young ladies that our host shoots for our enjoyment.

I really like her long hair, eyebrows, beautiful blue eyes, downy hair, navel, and puffy outer labia.

Lots of great images to choose from. At first glance I choose 35, 37, and 41. Your mileage may differ but you certainly would not be wrong.

The location is VERY colorful and Kaly seemed to enjoy working with Rylsky.

Welcome Kaly, I hope that you return again, often, and soon.

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I'll take image 25. This is a well-shot collection of photos featuring a rather unique looking beauty.

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