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It always lifts my spirits to see Jodie. She's so beautiful, and comes across as so genuine and unaffected that when she's feeling happy and playful you can't help but share her joy. When she smiles she seems to hold nothing back.

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This lady is sheer perfection... her hair, her creamy skin, her shape, her face, her smile... thanks for bringing Jodie back, Rylsky, I particularly love the shots from below. ( :

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Wonderful model. Really nice set of photos. Wrong shade of lipstick (Two out of three ain't bad!)

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I'm actually quite partial to the lipstick... ( : Nothing for me to complain about in this set!

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I have been eagerly waiting to see this update and it has been well worth the wait. I love, love, love natural redheads. Jodie is one of the very best. I love her gorgeous red hair, her exquisite blue eyes, her dazzling smile, her flawless pale creamy alabaster skin and each and every one of her perfectly placed freckles. Furthermore, her perfectly shaped feminine figure just makes me want to wrap her in a robe and hug her. While I am not a big fan of tattoos, that tattoo of a fish on her arm is nice and subdued. The part in her hair on the side gives her a darling youthful, girlish appearance.

I think Rylsky knows that my all time favorite model is decidedly brunette, but oh how I adore his many beautiful red haired beauties. I am very pleased that he shares my love of redheads, because I am certain he is searching for more of them. The background colors of a pale shade of green and beige are perfect for Jodie. I think this is the same room where Jodie did her previous update. Excellent shoot, Rylsky. Very pleasing. My very warm regads to Jodie and best wishes to her. She is wonderful.

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Another twenty more photos of Jodie would have been nice. I was sad when the slideshow was over.

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Bright blue eyes, lovely red air and a fun personality. That pale redhead complexion and awesome pussy. Pretty hard to resist. I like Jodie.

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