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It's amazing to me that it's been over 4 years since Jeff debuted here. She's been one of my 10/10 since that debut and is undoubtedly one of my top 5 favorite models across the entirety of the MA Network ever. Perhaps it's because it's been about 5 months since her last photo set her, but it really struck me how much she's "grown up" in front of the camera. It's a surreal feeling. But, yes, still as beautiful as ever, just a beautiful young woman now rather than a girl. Rylsky has my eternal gratitude for finding and presenting this wonderful model to the rest of the world. Cheers!

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As beautiful as ever. Just incredible beauty.

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Needless to say, she's my absolute favorite! I sure wish I could take a walk in the woods with her.

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Caps Lock rules here today? OK,
HAPPY EASTER, dear members and friends!

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Jeff Milton. The mere mention of her name makes me happy to be alive. I absolutely idolize this precious little woman. Absolutely, positively my all-time favorite.

I'm guessing, based on the hairstyle and the setting, that this was shot on the same day as the Walking in My Shoes set. Rylsky, are these the first sets where you worked together? If so, you could already see the origins of the bold, charismatic personality that makes her so popular. I'd love to hear the story of how you first met and what your first impressions of her were.

A wonderful way to start a new month. Hope we get to see her again soon, 134 days between sets is more than double the next longest gap since she started here.

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Oh, and before I forget... HAPPY EASTER, FRIENDS!

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Well stated Checkers, and HAPPY EASTER back at you.

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