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Doesn't she look stupendous ? A fabulous set. Well done.

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GAWD YES! She sure does!

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No40のくぱぁは、慎ましいくぱぁであった。膣口が、湿潤する様子も見てとれた。No41では、せっかくクリトリスフードを持ち上げたのであるから、Jeff Miltonの勃起するクリトリスを剥き出しにして欲しかった。

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Our amazingly beautiful Ms Jeff. Always so very cute, as cute as cute can be. What a wonderful precious little sweetheart. I always wonder what her real name is. I know it really doesn't matter and she has a right to her absolute privacy, but I find myself imagining what her name. I bet it is a sweet delicate name like Lara or Nadia. Actually, I like Lara like in Dr. Zhivago.

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A quick foreign language lesson for today: The title "Pafarko" is the Esperanto word for "bow", like the bows on Jeff's stockings. Several months ago, beautiful Ms Marit wore the same stockings in a similar update with a similar title.

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Jeff is as cute as ever and is a delight to behold. I personally could have done without the long socks as I think that her unadorned legs are as near perfect as you can get.

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They don't get any cuter than Jeff Milton. And they don't get any more talented than Rylsky. VERY nice work. 👏👏👏

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Simply stunning. A set to savor. Thank you both.

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This is another great collaboration between Jeff and our host.

There are some contenders but, hands down, my favorite image is 13.

Thanks to all.

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Wow! We all love Jeff but even for her, this is an exceptional set. Mind-blowing. Thank you, lovely Jeff. Thank you, Rylsky :)

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