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I love Jeff's eye makeup in this set. A little darker, a little more mysterious. So far it looks like this is the only set where she looks like this, but I hope there are more in the queue.

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9.9 out of 21 ratings means that all the members approve of Jeffie as our Christmas present! Who else other than our perpetual #1 model!

Merry Christmas to Rylsky and all the Rylsky girls! Plus all the members too!

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Congratulations to both Rylsky and our beautiful Ms Jeff Milton, 17 hours after this update was published, it has earned 23 consecutive 10s. This may be the perfect update. Jeff and Rylsky are definitely the World Champion Gold Medal team. Excellent!

My heartfelt condolences to all the people of the Russian Federation for the tragic loss of the airliner carrying the RF Army Chior. So very sad.

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Our beautiful Ms Jeff Milton. Still perfectly perfect after four years. Always beautiful and always as cute as cute can be. Such a very special sweetheart.

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Enjoy The scilence以来の小陰唇開きである。クリスマス生誕祭に相応しい小陰唇開きとなった。Jeff Milton が、こんなに摘み上げていいのかと思う位の開き方である。膣口内部の襞が3D状態で、丸分かりになってしまった。Jeff Milton のクリトリスも、勃起している筈であるから、見たかった。

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