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No.19で、湿潤した膣口が覗いている。白濁した愛液を湧出している。会陰縫合線の隆起は、Jeff Milton の若さを証明している。クリトリスを剥き出しにして欲しかった。No.34では、膣口が、トロトロに愛液が白濁して、挿入を待ってるように肥厚を見せている。No.61/No.62は、背後から挿入して欲しいように、新境地の角度の撮影になっている。指を添えて、もっと誘って欲しかった。白濁愛液を肥厚しながら、会陰縫合線を隆起させるJeff Miltonの素晴らしさを物語る一冊になっている。

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Probably, to my personal taste, the best set I have ever seen with Jeff. I love the first 2 images showing off her stunningly beautiful backside, followed by a wide range of erotic poses. The last 15 images complete this voyage of joy by returning to those gorgeous buttocks and superb rear. This, for me, is close to the perfect photo shoot. Many thanks to both Jeff and Rylsky for this special treat.

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What a tempting creamy little pussy Jeff has! Thanks to Jeff and Rylsky for this delightful show of her oh so tempting treasure chest! Not exactly a petals set but it sure has the content to be one. Jeff has such an angelic face and those big brown eyes could melt any guys heart. We are lucky for sure for this wonderful Team. Jeff has the goods and Rylsky knows how to present them!

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What can I say? Our beautiful Ms Jeff Milton is simply perfect, as perfect as can be. And she still is as cute as cute can be. It is always a true joy to see Jeff in a new update.

When I saw the title of this morning's update, I realized that I saw that word "Tovarna" recently in my Russian language lessons. But I could not recall its meaning. So I Googled i. t and according to Google translator, it is a noun meaning goods or products in Russian and factory in Slovenian. I am not sure how that applies to these images of our beautiful Jeff.

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Well she is certainly showing her goods for us!

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Mostly 10s, some less than 10s, a couple of 11s.

Thanks to Jeff, Team Rylsky, and the manicurist.

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Mmmmmmm Jeff, you are a total cutie, and your hot little body is just perfect!

Thank you for all these sexy photos!

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