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I love Jeff Milton. She has a unique sexy quality about her that makes her the best. I think Rylsky really captures her beauty. I personally would love to see her in more sultry clothed poses before bestowing her hidden treasures. Although I love seeing her hidden features, I would love to have more images of her with her legs closed just to heighten the anticipation of her beauty.

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thank you and welcome to RA Club!

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Much routine no Inspiration!

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Thistime, I cannot agree to an artistic trial of our photographer at the exposure control and colour contrast between the model and furniture.
-Tokyo Sukimono-

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Thank you for criticism, it is useful.

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Another wonderful update featuring our beautiful Ms Jeff Milton. Excellent! She still is the very best of the best. So very cute. As cute as cute can be and I bet she will always be just that beautiful and cute. I do not usually comment on the model's specific body parts, but I must say Jeff has a wonderfully pleasing bottom. Very appealing. I think I would have liked to see more color in this update. The pale background and Jeff's pale complexion seem to blend together. But any update featuring Jeff Milton is a great update.

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