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I would ask that the girls in some shots maybe look 1 to 1.5 metres below the camera. instead of straight at the camera all the time. this would greatly enhance my fantasy of the girls as it would look like they were watching me watching them.

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Please see many sets with that angles, even during this week...


thank you and welcome to RA! more thoughts and ideas? welcome to the blogs.


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I gotta love Jeff Milton. She is always so very beautiful and oh so very, very cute. She is a remarkably special young woman. We have seen her at least once per month for over three years and it has been a true pleasure. A model like Jeff can make any location look magical, but I would like to comment about this patio setting. I really like it. I am not sure if it is real or on of Rylsky's stages, but it looks like a wonderful place to spend a lazy Saturday morning. Evita did one of her best sets on this patio. So two of Rylsky's very best models have posed in this location, a perfect opportunity to compare two incredibly beautiful and talented super star models. Excellent!

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ENJOY THE Silience 以来のミルトンのおまんこくぱぁを見られた。no53で、大きく開かれた小陰唇の間に白濁した膣口に、9時の方向に処女膜裂傷の痕跡が見られる。会陰縫合線の隆起が見られるが、興奮した剥き出しのクリトリスもみたいところであった。小陰唇は、色素沈着が見られず、若々しいおまんこを醸し出している。

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They just don't get any cuter than Jeff Milton and Rylsky captures her beauty magnificently. Bravo to both. 👏👏👏

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Ordinarily, I would find this degree of cuteness from the model and cuteness from the setting too much to bear. It says much about the charm and appeal of Jeff Milton that I found this photo shoot quite enjoyable.

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Over time I have written every compliment possible to describe Jeff and Rylsky working together.

All I am left with is Jeff looks very very nice and Rylsky has captured her beauty in his usual masterful way.

Thanks for two.

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As always your comment is spot on! Great to see you here. Your friends on Masterwork ask me about you. I hope you are doing well. Miss You, my Friend.

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@ swplf

I'm doing well ~ for an old fart. Say hi to our friends. Thank you and thank our friends for asking.

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One does run out of superlatives when discussing these sets. I can't believe how gorgeous these ladies are on a consistent basis.

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