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high_0037の膣口から溢れ出んばかりの愛液から最高潮に興奮しているJeff Milton。そして、会陰縫合線の隆起が、続く様子からもその興奮状態が窺い知れる。

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Not very happy with the color bias that you seem to be favoring in your Jeff sets lately. The skin tones are way off and are faded and have no depth. They don't look natural.

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Our darling sweetheart, Dzheff is always absolutely beautiful and so very cute. Again I say, she is as cute as cute can be. What a wonderful doll.

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3 August is the third anniversary of Jeff's debut on RylskyArt. Nine hours after she debuted in her first set, she was rated RylskyArt's highest rated model and she has held that title since. Rylsky promised to present monthly updates featuring Jeff for at least three years. I suspect that Rylsky and Jeff finished making those updates years ago and Jeff is no longer modeling. Therefore, there is no need to evaluate and critique her new updates. In my opinion, every single image of Jeff Milton is pure gold. I for one am grateful for each new update. All of them are perfect.

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Nooooo it cant be.. but if so i wish jeff all the best with her life. And thank her very much for being so amazing. I was hoping to hit up Rylsky to see if he could talk her into doing a video or 100 for metartX.. bummer.

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Jeff Milton is perfection. When I see her again I sometimes forget how fine she is. Her beauty is overwhelming.

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I think that final photo just might be my favorite Jeff Milton photo in quite some time... goofy, funny, cute, appealing, spontaneous and genuine looking... (:

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