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BTW... Herr Professor... really like the way you lit Jeff's hair throughout the set. The only thing you might have missed was maybe in positioning Jeff with the acrylic hanging chair in the background at such a distance so as to make it appear as if it were a slight halo around her head. But otherwise, you'e one lucky photographer to have her to work with.

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The first page was a bit too kinky for me but then it got better. #64 and 65 were so cute! I'd love to see more of that look! Of course the intimate closeups were awesome. Especially the open vagina ones!

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Playful Jeff = happy Jeff = Happy members. (:

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Jeff, you are the best, always simply perfect. I was a little envious of that mannequin. :)

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Sweet set of sweet little Jeff and a lucky mannequin.

I was most appreciative of the views of Jeff in hourglass figure mode.

I believe that she was born to pose for at least a few shots per visit in light weight, light colored, panties.

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Both here and at met the photographers have forgotten that clothes actually enhance a woman and watching them come off is half the fun. Yes nudes are the final result we all want but starting every set naked is just laziness! I crave more sets like Morgen Tee Featuring Pearl Ami Or Divinie Featuring: Anelie.

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Yes, you'd get a big agreement from me on that - half the fun is in getting from point A to point B -and I'm quite sure Jeff could ably take us down that path. White is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Jeff in clothing/lingerie - but that might be a little passé. Lets see... um... Jeff... um with those slightly oversize wonderful areolae... maybe one of Herr Professor's trademark "wet sets" with Jeff in a pair of spiked heels (NOT Frankenshoes though), a pair of skinny jeans and a nice, white business shirt over a sheer white bra and lacy panties or thong. I'd almost give anything to see Ms. Jeff in a soaking wet white dress shirt with or without a bra underneath. Or maybe a white corset or merry widow perhaps...

On the other hand... for a real change-up... perhaps something in slinky black...with a sheer set of matching black lace bra & panties underneath...

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Excellent suggestions!

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