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Of all the photos of Jeff there are, #64 might be my single all-time favorite. Her skin looks so soft, her thighs so caressably smooth, her lovely nude beauty is on full display, and she has that tilted-head inquisitive look that makes my heart melt.

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Yes, that is an excellent photograph.

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Thanks, Jeff.

Gorgeous nails, BTW. Very much like.

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I haven't checked this site in a few days (I know, shame on me!), and what a pleasant surprise to see a new photo set of the sexy Jeff Milton!

As always, I click the "10" rating button first, then proceeded to be mesmerized by a stunning collection of sexy smiles, sexy looks, sexy gazes, sexy body, sexy poses, and every other kind of sexy expression, all with one thing in common: SEXY!!!

I have yet to view any photo set of hers that isn't absolutely top notch beauty!

Oh, and in case I haven't made it crystal clear, Jeff Milton is one SEXY woman!!!

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jeff unshaven please!

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Jeff continues to amaze me. How does she have so many different looks, and how does every single one of them work so well?

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Because she is " Jeff " , she beguiles us all. Enchanting , pretty , innocent looking and so sexy.

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Удивительно красивая молодая леди! Такие сладкие красивые глаза! Такой красивый, милое лицо и идеальными пропорциями тела! И она имеет такую красивую, тугие киски! Я люблю вашу Ваши маленькие сиськи и большие соски! О, мой дорогой сладкий дорогая леди, я люблю, чтобы увидеть, чтобы увидеть ваши губы киски сложить назад, когда вы возбуждены! Милые розовые лепестки внутри! Удивительный цветок! Ты такой розовый и влажный внутри, я поражен! Вы должны удивительно красивый, розовый цветок, о моя дорогая, вы капает со сладким нектаром! Спасибо, милая дорогая!

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Sweet nectar, indeed !

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Jeff is simply gorgeous and as cute as a kitten. Every photo is so very pleasing. Such a beautiful little sweetheart.

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P.S. Really like the shots of Jeff on the couch with her hair splayed out around her. Matter of fact, I think I like her better with more body in her hair than with it as the traditional fine, straight blonde look. But then again, she could just buzz it all off and she'd look just as good - only different.

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"Cute as a kitten" certainly is apropos in describing Ms. Milton in most of her sets, or at least in some of the photos in her sets.

A while back, she and several other models posted a voiced set and, without ever having heard it before, I could certainly match that voice to Jeff, even never having heard her before. In some of her photos, that "cute as a kitten" look (to me at least) matches perfectly with that high-pitched kind of squeaky tone I expected to hear.

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