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Nothing more gorgeous than a little naked thing skipping about on her bare tiptoes! Jeff is sensational, her feet are wonderful!

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Happy New Year Jeff . Lovely to see you again so soon.

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Jeff all natural please Rylsky!

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Happy New Year All!
I was wondering who would be ringing in the 2015...
Figured it would be Jeff, Kei, Nikki or possibly Liv.
Any of the lovelies in Rylsky's bevy would have been excellent choices!

Jeff, with each set you amaze me with your talent and ease in front of the lens.
It looks as if nothing is forced, just natural comfort with your beautiful body!
Looking forward to more in 2015


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What better way to start off a brand new year than with a visit from the lovely Jeff? I love the setting, such a feminine room for our uber-feminine Jeff to pose in...

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Agreed. a feminine room for an precious little package. My only problem with it is/are some of the odd camera angles e.g. #13-15. Makes me think of the Titanic - I end up looking at them with head cocked to one side (no snider remarks here!) and end up looking like the RCA Victor dog. Other than that, another very nice set of the lovely Jeff.

And btw ... she still waves that derriere around and I swear it would look sweeter with maybe a little bite-mark tattoo on it.

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So excited to see a new photo set of Jeff Milton to start the new year! And I can't tell if Jeff is losing her balance in photo #7 and she's starting to laugh, or if that's just her playful personality shining through her pictures?! Either way, that's a funny picture!

And I notice that Jeff is standing on her tippy toes in the first few photos...why not just put her in a sexy pair of heels?! That way she wouldn't have to stand on her toes, and us leg men would be happy! It would be a win-win! I'm definitely not complaining though, this is yet another outstanding photo set of the oh so beautiful Jeff Milton!

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It seems like the heels thing is always glossed over or just plain ignored. Not that Jeff needs any help to look any better ... most around here would, if polled, I dare say agree that she needs no help of any kind.

It's funny though, as I go through this set there IS something I don't think I've ever seen Jeff in - and that's something black and slinky. Not that she couldn't pull it off - it's just that I don't think that black is her color - yet. White and practically any other color yes - but not black - not just yet..

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What better way to start 2015. Jeff here and Nikia A on Metart! Pretty tough team to beat.

May the year ahead continue to be prosperous and successful.

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Now that is how to start a brand new year, the amazing Miss Jeff Milton in a magnificently elegant new bedroom setting. I don't think we have seen this room before. I can imagine that the room could actually be Jeff's own bedroom. Or at least I could imagine Jeff's room would look like that -- all pink and white, with flowers on the table, books on the shelf and a cozy fireplace. A perfect little doll house for our precious princess doll. Jeff is absolutely beautiful and still as cute as cute can be. Very nice.

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Jeff is really giving Kei some competition for best manicure/pedicure! Love it!

Happy New Year to everyone!

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You're right! Everything about Jeff is cute - even her well-cared-for toes!

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