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Welcome back Jeff . The "Buns up , kneelin' shots " are very nice. I stole that line from Frank Zappa.

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Photo 20 has to be the most cute smile I have ever seen! Breath taking and stunning photo set. When my yearly subscription is up next week, it's a no brainer renewing for yet another year, thanks to photo sets like this!

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Mirrors, always a good thing. And they make Jeff twice as cute, which I wouldn't have thought possible.

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Topnotch material with the lovely and vivacious Jeff, Rylsky, but I would like to request more sets of her starting in a pretty dress, as in her original set on this site. ( :

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While I (like, dare I say most members here) like Jeff quite a bit (some of "us" 'enormously') and this set showcases her attributes beautifully, it seems to me that there's been a not-so-subtle shift in her presentations. It seems like her sets start off with a few quick normal shots and then immediately jump into "the heart of the matter". If I read you right _fer_realz_ you'd like to see some more of this approach too? But all-in-all, it's darling Jeff and it seems she and Rylsky can do no wrong.

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Oh, what I want is fairly simple... I'd like to see Jeff start the set in a dress or a skirt and nice top, show some nice poses in the outfit (including upskirt, hopefully) and then show us various poses in the process of undressing. Oh, and some high heels would be nice as well. ( :

I referred to her first set as an example of what I'd like to see more of from Jeff... ( :

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It's Jeff, it can't be less than a ten! Jeff is always a delight and papa Rylsky never fails to do an outstanding job of presenting her!

10++++ always!

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But if it's Jeff with mirrors ... does that make it a 20+?

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I absolutely adore this very special young lady. I have written so many things about Jeff, I realy have nothing new to say. Jeff is so very pretty and she is as cute as cute can be. I love her darling close-up portraits. Those eyes just melts this old man's heart. Her figure is so precious, like a perfect little doll. It is always so very pleasant to see every one of her new sets.

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