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Love Janelle thanks!

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In my opinion, Xareize, Sisakk, and Kamill are amongst your best work ever.

Do you ever take a dispassionate look at your galleries and rate them on your performance only? If yes, are you pleased with your work on the three noted galleries?

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I'm sorry, my friend, I can not look to my gallery without remembering how we did our job :)
I need 20 or more years to understand and rate my galleries with "dispassionate look". ALSO I must say that it's always personal relations with every model.
Thank you for your compliments!

PS I really have trouble to watch any movie if I know how they did it with lighting and editing:) professional shit in my head makes me think and look differently even if this is not my production. So I hope to live 20 years longer and see things easy, not professional and not personal.

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Wonderful setting for a wonderful woman. My word lovely Janelle has fantastic legs! Rylsky on a roll is great isn't it?

There are many great full length images. Hands down 22, 31, and 35 are my crème de la crème picks.

Much appreciation for the efforts of Janelle and our host.

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