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To me the 2 girl sets are distracting and not at all sexy. If it were true sex it becomes very interesting but 2 models posing together is more like a competition to see which is best and not sexy at all. One girl will always loose and becomes a distraction and then you are seeing all the things that you do not like about her rather than her good points.

Jamie is nice but she is very different from Lena. Lena is my choice here. I love her childlike beauty and sweet face. Those tiny breasts with their small nipples and aureola drive me wild.

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Weii, I certsinly did not expect to see this. I thought I had that start screen figured out and expected to see Vittoria Amada this morning. Leave it to Rylsky to pull rabbits out of his magic hat. I have consistantly said that I do not like double model sets but lately I have checked a few out and, surprise! I am liking them. Cool. Both Jaime and Lina are very pretty. And their bodies compliment each other's. Very nice.

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Its nice to see two tall, slim, lovely ladies from Baltic states posing together. Facially they do not look at all alike, yet they are very similar in other respects down to the same rating from the members. Rylsky: I think I know the answer but I will ask anyway. Do the ladies now reside in or near your base of operations, or did you travel to the Baltic area to photograph them?

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I travel and i like it, but I am sorry, I will say nothing about this when girl asked me to keep her privacy. Imagine and enjoy pictures, if girl want to show and tell details of life outside photoshoots to viewers - she will, but not me.

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I appreciate your concern for your models privacy. Thanks.

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