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So, this is a different kind of golden shower? I like it!

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Whenever I see beautiful women like this, I think about what I would ask in an interview. First question would be "Why haven't you taken over the world yet?"

Women this beautiful should be running everything. How could you say no to them? I think this is Rylsky's master plan. World domination with his army of babes.

I surrender. Game over.

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Please play this game again and again.

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I love you, man.

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Spring time here :)
Love is all around

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This is a great visit from Itna! I love the droplets frozen in time and space of course. I also love what the water does to Itna's nipples and arms.

So many great images, but my three favorites are #s 27, 43, and 44.

Thanks to Itna and our host for one of the best from his water room.

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Another great surprise for us today. Itna has been featured in Rylsky's galleries since at least 2007. That's ten years. I am surprised to see her again. You must wonder how many more of her galleries does Rylsky have in his magic bag of tricks. Itna is so gorgeous, with a nearly perfect feminine figure. The rain drops and all that wonderful long wet hair. I love it. She looks so cute with that wet hair. I am very happy this morning.

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