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She is such a cute , pretty and sexy girl . She has that ability to look innocent and seductive at the same time . All her photo sets are great . I love her little boobs and her cheeky smirk , so cute .

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It is always nice to see Irina J.

She has a very expressive face and can look regal, happy, inquisitive, smug, and contented; seemingly at will. I like happy.


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Very good observations, BaggyPants. She does have that special ability to express a great range in such subtle ways. This set is nice because it seems personal (or "real"), like the viewer is invited right into the room with her. It reminds me of that discussion on here a few months ago about the effect of authentic, common settings verses more uncommon or fantasy settings. Irina seems touchable here, perhaps due to the "common" setting. I know this much, the photos have me craving her pussy. It's morning, I'm hungry, and she's beautiful.

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One of my all time favorites! Thanks Mr Rylsky

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