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Ok - this "taster". And where is the entire set?

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choice for Mondays and Thursdays:

1. no update
2. bonus update (short set or special series as "petals" or "backstage")

so your question is the same as "what for you gimme that cookie?" when you visit any Chinese Restaurant. It's free, take it easy, my dear and neverhappy Uuusssee.

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Irina is always perfectly beautiful and oh so very sensual, with a perfectly gorgeous petite figure and a face that can scramble your mind. It is always a true pleasure to see her in a new update. I would have liked to see more photos in this update, but I suspect a video may be forthcoming. The location seems to be new. I do not recall seeing it before.

I always admire Irina's biography. She seems to be highly motivated and driven for success.

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You may not have seen THIS particular bathroom Neil, but we've seen PLENTY of bathrooms!! Too many for my taste. But I certainly agree with your assessment of Irina!! She's ALWAYS a delight! Even in this "short".

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A new bathroom could mean a new bedroom, a new hotel suite, a new balcony or a new garden is forthcoming. Rylsky's team scout new locations, new models and new wardrobes. I for one am grateful for all the extra effort. With all the sets Rylsky produces, there is bound to be some repetion.

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Well said Neil, and I agree with you. I hope you didn't think that I was saying that Rylsky uses too many bathrooms. I meant ALL the artists across the network don't hesitate to shoot their girls in a bathroom. In fact, as I think about it, Rylsky probably uses them less than others do. And you're also correct in that there is bound to be repetition, (or if you insist, "repetion") especially when the artists run out of fresh ideas...;o)
(Apparently you are dead set against proofreading your posts...;o)
No offense intended Neil, to you OR your idol, Mr R... ;o)

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There is a finite number of the kinds of places were models can get naked and be photographed without involving the police. Photo studios, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, gardens, woodlands etc. Just like there is a finite number of poses the model can strike. There are just so many joints she can bend. And there is a limited number of choices in the wardrobe closet too.

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