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Well, she's all you'd ever want
She's the kind I like to flaunt and take to dinner
But she always knows her place
She's got style, she's got grace, she's a winner
She's a lady
Oh, whoa, whoa, she's a lady
Talkin' about that little lady
And the lady is mine

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Fabulous black dress, white heels and pearls outfit - perfect for a beautiful girl like Ilze to strip out of.

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I just discovered this set, and I love it! Rylsky's quintessential queen of the ethereal reveals her inner sex goddess—in her debut! Ilze's classic beauty, her almost celestial perfection of face and line, has been her trademark for me and made her one of the most desirable models of the MetArrt network. Here, however, she slips into (and out of) a little black dress for an astonish display of straight-ahead sex appeal—aided mightily by that ravishing bottom. I am more besotted than ever. Love ya, honey!

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P.S. If Ilze is ever paired in a boy-girl set, I will press charges.

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Excellent comment Sailor. Quintessential and ethereal? You have been reading my dictionary.

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Nope. Got my own.

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Rylsky is very terrific. Thanks for your work!

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Very terrific model. But who would not want to watch her probe her folds, to see her parts, innocently, as when alone.

We'd like to see her in modern architecture, Bauhaus for example, certainly not in stage props that harken to darker ages. Since the photos are touted by journal covers, they should be narrative of real situations of real circumstances, not abstractions floating in featureless space.

Photography cannot be sculpture like busts amputated from body, from nature, from city. They cannot be photographs of posed subjects in dimly illuminated abyss born of the age previous to flush toilets, to insulated glass fenestration, to light emitting diodes. In other words, photographers are no artists unless modern, and therefore able to make art of functional reality. Francis Bacon painted some portraits in black space but only to invoke isolation, rejection, denial, and agony. We instead express in the erotic, no less than vigor and rapture.

High megapixels pose a challenge, or offer an invitation to the modernist who must yet select what to show. Art itself is material, and therefore surface and volume, no place for obfuscations that contrive value in limitations of equipment, in limitations in design talent, with blurred edges, short focal length, etc. Problem with Georgia O'Keefe and Dali was that they were destitute of surface even though they were proficient with form and light. Photos that resemble their paintings therefore evince only low megapixel count in the brain.

Editing in the outset such as of photos of Macy, had done away with fuzzy hair or pores of skin and so that she otherwise natively erotic is porcelain instead.

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Hello.I am a new member of your wonderful site, congratulations for maintaining that unique freshness along with unprecented artistry in your photography.

I adore Ilze's face,her elegance is unbelievable.I love most of her work on the network, however,a)I would love more sets with dresses and epoque feel, the model's stance and figure totally support this,b)please,juts please add video sets.

General question if you would be so kind:upon request, would you create a signed scrapbook fora certain model's sets, so the member has something of a collector's item in his/her library?

Thank you fo your attention,it's a honor and priviledge to be a member of the site.

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I am sorry, I just misunderstand your general question. Can you please describe it one more time? Maybe you can use email for it? You can use it by clicking "Email Comments".
Thank you for joining a site and for compliments!

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I agree with Mr Clover. Boy/Girl pics in your hands would be incredible.

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Your photography exceeds all limits.. simply incredible. I subscribe to the entire met-art network. I specially like boy/girl erotica, and my question is : will you be helping sexart out with their boy/girl features, using any of your stunning models and your skills behind the camera?

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Thank you very much for joining us and for interesting question.
I think your message can be a very good reason for special post in our blog here.
I will start post with your question and my answer will be complete and we can see what other members think.

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Sexy in pearls and black

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Pretty and sophisticated - a beautiful set of shots.

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