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There is nothing more erotic than a woman in gater belt & nylons. Especially when the woman is the drop dead gorgeous Guerlain.

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Dear members!

Please take to attention that we have some issue with zipfiles in low and mid resolutions - quality of photos may be no good. Please download ONLY HIGH RESOLUTION zipfiles or watch sets online in your browser (slideshow recommended).

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I have such a crush on Guerlain and no, this set did not cure it. ( :
What a lovely, classy, self-assured young lady. I get the feeling that nothing scares our lovely Guerlain.

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This is a wonderful treat. 48 excellent photos of a beautiful young lady named Guerlain. Guerlain is so very pretty with lovely brown hair and blue eyes. She has a slender and fit figure that is very sexy and appealing. Lovely indeed.
This is my first opportunity to write a comment for Guerlain and it is a pleasure to do so. So Miss Guerlain, very warm regards and best wishes for much happiness. You are beautiful.

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Guerlain, welcome back you gorgeous creature. One little comment: I love your smile and would have liked to see more of it in this set. No problem, though, I'm still yours forever.

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Guerlain, welcome back you gorgeous creature. I'm yours forever.

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This goddam comments system should be scrapped in favor of smoke signals!

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Sailor, when you send comment - sometimes it takes up to 15 minutes to be visible for all of us.
To be sure that comment was sent successfully - you can check it by clicking on "Behind The Scenes" on a top of page. Last 3 comments of all galleries are always visible there.

please forgive us, we will try to fix it.

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