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One of the very, very few g/g sets that work for me. Sheer genius.

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Mmmmm ... love me some Mariam. So very pretty.

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Guerlain is one of the iconic MetArt models, so I am always thrilled to see a new set that has not yet been published. Mariam has a sweet and fresh beauty and pairing her with Guerlain was brilliant, the two of them complement each other very nicely in a very stimulating and satisfying set.

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Well said, and I agree completely. This set is a delight.

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I am not a big fan of g/g sets. But I absolutely adore Mariam. I was eager to see Mariam again. She is so very cute and so very precious to me. She has such gorgeous feminine figure and such a magnetic personality. Her dark brown eyes just melt my heart. Of course Guerlain is perfectly beautiful too. You would guess that together they would be wonderful. But it is not that simple. I suppose it takes a special kind of magic to create a ready good g/g set. I would prefer to see Mariam and Guerlain each in their own updates.

To both Mariam and Guerlain, very warm regards and best wishes for much happiness. You are beautiful.

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Look at that. 18 hours after this update was published, it has a rating of 9.5. Excellent! I think that makes it the undisputed top g/g update. That is my darling Mariam and the beautiful Guerlain at their very best. These ladies are great.

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Definitely not my style. To me this is not sexy. It is simply two models trying to work together. Like the Metart sets this just doesn't work. For me G/G sets only work if there is true sexual attraction which does not work when they never touch their intimates.

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