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Now this is WOMAN! Firm, athletic, honest, and an all around great body! Lovely poses and facial expressions! She knows how to make those eyes say everything she needs to say!

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I love Ms Gladys' thin tall fit athletic body. The cut and definition of her abdomenal muscles is really quite impressive. While I adore each of Rylsky's beautiful young women, Gladys' body type is my favorite. She reminds me of my all-time favorite RylskyArt model, Chandra. I also like Gladys' range of facial expressions. Very nice. Show us more of this beautiful lady.

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Photo number 5. A slightly modified Super Girl pose, excellent!

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Hi Rylsky – do you have an email address to which we can send you a message and/or forward images for your amusement and information?

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BTW, i got your emails already for some ANELIE's galleries. You've used button "Email Comments" and it worked fine, just sometimes we see bug with my responds to these emails.

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Yes sure you can email me anytime. comments@rylskyart.com

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"Inter nos ambulat Deam novum
... hoc solemne quo sequitur gradiensque Deas."

Sleek, slender, strong
A specter of light and bronze shadow
You rise

To pierce this guarded heart,
A goddess would you need be
And thus

Sensual brown smoulder
With your waves as deep as the sea
I rise

Each new moon becomes a spectacle in your honor

Any blade of grass beneath thy feet spring in bliss

This weathered hearth, now a bounty

and thus
We bear witness to your splendor
bright, shining, serene

I can only offer this gift in return
An anthem to a dream


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