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Foxy Di is a breathtakingly beautiful young woman. I love her perfectly toned and conditioned feminine body and I adore all those perfectly placed freckles. She poses with such poise and confidence. She seems to be supremely confident of her beauty and she seems to enjoy revealing her body to Rylsky's camera. We have seen this bedroom many times before. I think the magnificent white and gold room is nearby, possibly just one floor below. Perhaps Rylsky has a photo set featuring Di in the white and gold room somewhere in his files.

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She is indeed very fit and that body is absolute perfection. Not an ounce too heavy nor an ounce too light. I have watched some of her videos and those lovely firm breasts hardly move even when she bumps them. That drives me crazy!

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Di is always a favorite. Cute face, freckles and a dynamite body! She looks so petiet and innocent here but she can't hold her own with the guys. Absolutely mind bending!

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Must have been asleep when I wrote this! She definitely CAN hold her own with the guys despite being so petite!

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Ha ha ha ha! I was wondering what in the world you meant by that odd comment! :D

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