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I'm not usually a connoisseur of breasts but Evita has such a magnificent pair that you cannot help but admire them.
This is another superb gallery. Picture #32 is a masterpiece - the best nude photo I've seen this year and exactly how you want to see a beautiful girl presented.
Please let's have lots more galleries featuring stunning Evita.

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Our beautiful Ms Evita Lima is always absolutely beautiful. You must love her gorgeous curvaceous womanly figure. She is as beautiful as any young woman could ever hope to be. She is a supremely beautiful goddess. I have one problem with photo number 27. Why is Evita licking the lamp? That seems very undignified to me. Oh well, I can quickly click to the next photo. Evita Lima is still beautiful.

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number 27. it's about how she feels when she modeling for us.
playful and sometimes crazy - anyway with her pleasure

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Maybe you and Evita can do an update in which she plays with an ice cream cone. It worked great with Kei. And Evita in the magnificent white and gold room would be awesome.

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Evita you are the most sexy woman ever!

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Yip yip yip yip yahoo, happy days are here again. Six months + without a visit from the spectacularly beautiful Evita seems like such a long time. 78 images that I will treasure because it feels like we might not be blessed with many more visits.

All of the images in Tirai are great, some are greater than the rest; all of the images are nearly perfect, some ARE perfect!

When I view Tirai again and again, most certainly the pleasant task of choosing a favorite image will continue, as I write this comment my favorite is 70.

Evita and Rylsky nailed it here and I thank everyone who contributed to the beauty of Tirai.

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