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Pic #25 is easily my all time favorite booty shot of all time. I'm glad that she had the confidence for that pose.

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So consistently excellent. Thank you both. Evita's appearance here is certainly something to add to my list of things to be thankful for ;-)

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She is breathtaking

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yes indeed!

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It is so very nice to see Evita in a new update. She is as beautiful as ever. You gotta love her absolutely gorgeous womanly curvaceous figure. Evita is as beautiful as any young woman could ever hope to be. I bet she stops traffic and turns heads wherever she goes.

Now it is time for an English language lesson. The title "Foliar" is an English adjective meaning of or having to do with th appearance or color of leaves. I have been speaking English for 60 years. I have never used the word foliar. So I learned a new English word. Thank you Professor Rylsky. :)) The background curtain certainly does show the color of Autumn leaves.

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very good to hear it from you

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There are certain files that I download sight unseen. Anything featuring lovely Evita is a prime example.

This particular example of Rylsky's expensive Japanese silk backdrop and floor covering is perfect for Evita.

The Oilers finally won again, Connor got a hat trick, and Rylsky shared a wonderful gallery of Evita with us ~ perfect! Evita is a 10, Foliar is a 10, nearly every image is a 10, my appreciation is a 10.

Many thanks to everyone who collaborated in capturing and bringing this delightful gallery to me.

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Thank you!

The Oilers are look like "playoff-ready" now.

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They are spotty at best but are starting to get some injured players back.

Help request from an Alzheimer's sufferer.

I used to know how to find Evita's blog but it escapes me now.

It would be nice to read how she is doing, how her studies are going (maybe she can update OUR profiles via another questionnaire)? And her adorable Scottish fold kitten must be a cat by now – but still great fun and companionship I wager.

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evita's blogs: links on her page here on RA

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Thanks friend Rylsky~I sent the links to myself via email and should remember where I filed the email.

More sets of our models on the MetArt Network: