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Smashing, just smashing!

It's always a pleasure to view a visit from lovely Evita, and today is no exception.

Thanks to all who enabled the publication of Barilo.

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Simply on the basis of her expressions and smiles alone, I think this is one of Evita's best sets yet.

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The amazing Ms Evita Lima, always simply gorgeous. What a breathtakingly beautiful young woman. She is as beautiful as any young woman could possibly be. It is always a wonderful delight to see Evita in a new update. Evita has a very appealing classic noble kind of beauty. Gorgeous.

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Now it is time for a very strange and interesting foreign language lesson. According to the Google translator, the title of this update, "Barilo" is an Esperanto noun meaning "fence". I am not sure why Rylsky titled the update "fence". We do see a few white pickets of a fence in some of the photos, but they don't seem to be a main feature in the update. And why did he us Esperanto? What the hell is Esperanto?

Well, according to Wikipedia, Esperanto is a constructed language invented by a Polish author named Ludwik Zemmenhof in 1887. It is estimated that Esperanto is used by about 1000 families in eastern Europe, particularly Poland. But why did Mr Zemmenhof bother to invent such a language? It seems like a solution to a non-existent problem.

Btw: the Russian word for fence is "zabor".

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Very interesting, I enjoy learning more about various language, I have always wondered how they came up with names for the sets. I actually think it would be a nice prelude if the photographer, like Rylsky, would add his or her thoughts about a particular set. Just something short, why the name, or location, any interesting or funny things that might have happened during the shoot, just some little tid bits, or highlights that might make one feel even closer to the subject. Just a thought :)

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I believe that Mr. Zemmenhof was an idealist who believed that a lot of society's ills are caused by the "Tower of Babel" multitude of languages that separate humans from each other. I believe his enterprise was to create a new synthetic, scientific, rational language that would be easy for ANYONE to learn that everyone could use as a "lingua franca" and that the true communication fostered by this universal language would prevent wars.

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Thanks Neil, good sleuthing ~ once an analyst ~ always an analyst; eh.

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