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Heaven. Soft, warm, feminine heaven.
Just lovely. Thanks, E.

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Almost every shot is either too close or too far away.

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Welcome to the Club, Greg!

BTW, fantastic and epic comment, I will keep it as example of philosophy about anything here in the World.

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It's Evita, and I am over the moon!

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Hi Baggy! I caught your messages late... check your FB messages, please! :D

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I see nussing.

That could be because stupid farcebook thought I wasn't doing enough actions (just a guess on my part). I changed my password for the new account, so when you get a chance please try again.

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Will do, sir. (;

F'ng farcebook! LOL

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Another wonderful visit with the beautiful Ms Evita Lima. Excellent! Evita is always absolutely gorgeous. She is as beautiful as any young woman could ever hope to be. What a perfect shapely, curvaceous womanly figure. I like Evita's playful smile. She seems to enjoy posing on this lovely summer afternoon.

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