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That smile is so warm that it comforts me. A perfect beauty.

Thanks, E.

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Evita has been one of my favorites forever. Her face, gorgeous. Her confidence, supreme. Her skin, luxurious. Her body, perfectly shaped and toned. Her breasts, magnificent. And I love her bush.

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Oho! I see what you did there, Rylsky and Evita! Very clever having the color of Evita's shoes compliment the color of her eyes, the most colorful element in the set... I like that. (:

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...and the "Box Chock Full'o Evita" was silly, but very amusing and well done. Great job!

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PERFECT, just perfect.

Every one of Evita's observable physical features is perfect. I know it's only 38 days since Evita last visited, but it seems like forever.

Nicely done to all who contributed. Thanks.

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The amazing Ms Evita Lima. Simply absolutely beautiful. As beautiful as any woman could ever be. Every part of he body is perfectly perfect. I always love to see her new updates. They are always a true delight and treat. Always excellent!

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I like the concept of the steamer trunk, like we were going to see some sort of magic trick. Intriguing. Strangely, I also like the shoes Evita wore in the first few photos. Plain and casual, a nice alternative to stilettos.

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@ Neil

I was hoping she was going to do a bendy girl routine.

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