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  • 3 years ago
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Ilove Evita,sheis a big all natural beauty.And her smile lights up the world!

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I've never been particularly enamoured (or fascinated for that matter) with women with large breasts. More often than not, somewhere along the line, they've been "enhanced" and, while they usually look nice enough when constrained (however lightly) by clothing, when fully uncovered, they almost always look unnatural.

Evita's breasts however are, quite obviously, "factory OEMs" - and they'e spectacular. I love the way that they "splay out" when she's on her back and I can only but imagine how they naturally, for want of a better term, "roll" (and not in a bad or derogatory way) back and forth when she's on her back. Simply amazing (I can only assume).

Evita also has this kind of natural appeal when working to the camera. Image #53, with her legs closed and her arms crossed gently cradling her breasts, shows something in her facial expression that I just love about her.

Nice job to you Evita and to you also Mr. Rilsky.

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Evita is awesome. Gorgeous face and magnificent breasts. I love her eyes, skin and dark hair. I wish she were completely unshaven.

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One of my favourite things is a naked girl in a car, and Evita is gorgeous. So often this sort of set is spoiled by the girl wearing shoes, so pleased to see Evita completely naked and barefoot, it's so sexy.

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Fortunately, Mr. Rylsky et al. live and work in more temperate climes - ever try to sit on a sun-exposed vinyl or leather seat in a swimsuit? Ouch! ;-)

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Evita, you are simply gorgeous! I have written so much about Evita, I have run out of superlatives. Evita is as beautiful as any woman could hope to be. She is a wonderful model, with confidence, poise and grace. It is always a true pleasure to see Evita in a new update. Btw: nice car Rylsky. An excellent update!

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Cheap rental probably ;-) (the car ... not Evita!)

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I imagine that the car is Rylsky's privately owned vehicle. I think Rylsky does a lot of driving all over Russia and his car is almost as important to his work as his cameras. We know some of his best shoots were done in Saint Petersburg and he has done many shoots on the beach on the Black Sea. We have seen sets showing the models near the Kremlin in Moscow. I bet Rylsky travels thousands of miles across Russia to bring us his great photos. I imagine that his models live in a variety of cities and towns across Russia and Rylsky travels to them. I am not certain about this, but that is my impression.

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Looks pretty racy too! (Evita ... NOT the car) ;-)

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