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More poses like on pages 2 & 3 please. Excellent open pink butterfly shots!

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Evita, you're AWESOME !

Thanks for sharing your bod with us !

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Today is the final day of voting.
Make your choice!


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I was going to vote for Pedro ... but then I read the question and definitely did not.

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Better to vote for Pedro than for Kodos!

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Why not for Kodos? Are you anti-Rigellian? Probably another of your lurking antipathies. ;-)

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Ha ha! Nope, I just feel like I relate to Pedro so much better than to a slathering betentacled alien in a flying saucer! I don't feel like Pedro is going to swallow me whole, spit out my skeleton and use my rib as a toothpick! LOL

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Evita is stunning, as always. Nice set. Her face is beautiful, her skin flawless, her breasts magnificent, her attitude is great.

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Picking a background that matched Evita's lovely eyes so closely was a very wise choice, Rylsky. Nicely done! ( :

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Certainly a most beautiful background against which to display an equally lovely body. What I like most about this set is evidenced by Evita's almost perfectly heart-shaped derriere which shows most nicely in frames like #33 & 34.

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Friend Rylsky: I am super happy that you reserved this gallery for us and not for MA – I wager that there were 40 or so more images that you could have included.

Evita is always lovely to these old eyes and today is no exception. In addition to all her obvious physical blessings, I even caught a small glimpse of her wonderful ribs, thanks for that.

Evita: I hope that my admiration of the external you translates decently into Russian? Still hoping for an update to your blog and more analysis, please.

Thank you both very much.

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I am very happy to see Evita again. It is always so very nice to see her. Evita is truly remarkably beautiful, as beautiful as any young woman could ever hope to be. She is a goddess. I like the background colors of yellow and green. Perfect for Evita.

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