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Ho-hum ... yet another boring set with Evita. N O T !!! This is yet another young woman who genuinely appears to like what she's doing which I'm sure makes Mr. Rylsky's job (if you could call it that) that much easier. Simple setting - engaging model - great photographer - what else could one want?

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Evita Lima is one of the most beautiful, awesome, fun, erotic models anywhere. I never tire of seeing her. Her attitude is great. Confident but not arrogant. These photos are superb.

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It is so nice to see lovely Evita again!

I have often applauded her many physical features that resonate with me, so there is no need to gild the lily.

Evita, Team Rylsky; many thanks for yet another very pleasant visit.

Evita: when / if you have the time in your busy life I would be interested in reading how things have gone for you since last you wrote.

Just to whet your appetite, we could even discuss why:
1. MET members are so polarized on the matter of pubic hair.
2. People write mean things when they think their comments will never be known in the real world.
3. Defenders of women who are nowhere as beautiful as you snap and reply heatedly to the people represented in 2.

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Beautiful! Simply beautiful. This remarkable young woman is simply amazing. Evita, you are gorgeous. It is always a wonderful joy to see you.

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