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What a pussy! WOW!!!

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A beautiful model, but needs to be more soft and sensuous. However told photographers that models look better with their heads tilted to one side was tragically wrong. Nonetheless, keep up the good work.

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Love the pretty dress, love the hairstyle, love the poses.
Yes, I actually like an outdoor shoot. How 'bout that?
( ;

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I think this is Evita's first outdoors shoot and she is extraordinarily beautiful. Each and every one of her photos is simply magnificent. Such a perfectly wonderful shapely, womanly figure. Her figure simply could not better. Each line, every curve is perfect. And oh that gorgeous face, with her beautiful smile and radiant eyes. So very perfect, just perfect. Evita, you are amazing.

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Photo 19, I think Rylsky dropped the camera or fainted. He is a professional, but a beautiful young woman like Evita can have that effect on even the best men. :)

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No ... it was shot on the aft deck of the Titanic.

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Especially with that expression on her face ~ ! I'd drop my coffee cup on my lap if Evita looked at me that way. ( :

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