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Great redhead! Firey hot. Probably could hurt someone physically. Hey! TAKE ME DOWN!


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Gorgeous. I love the poses and the lighting. I love her underarm stubble and wish it were longer. Her breasts are awesome, and her face awesome. Wonderful body and skin. She is overall a work of art.

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One thing you must note. Just because you saw her first doesn't mean she's yours. You must plant a flag. I see no flag, so I've planted one in the name of Erotic Arts. I now have all mineral rights, sheet music rights (just lovely... she might have written it), and land usage rights.

I think I died and went to heaven!

(heh heh heh. Poor NubilesNet is so passé! They can't even hold a camera straight, let alone use a backdrop.)

Rylsky! YOU ROCK!

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Who can blame Rylsky for not wanting to share this absolutely delectable redhead with MA? ( :

I'm not typically a breast man, but are those not specimens of absolute perfection?!? Wow...

All I can say is, please keep the updates coming, Estelle is PERFECT. Nothing but 10s for this little lady!

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I disagree. 'Nothing but tens'. No sir. She's everything! Sweet like chocolate, spicy like chili pepper, red like paprika. I'm sure she tastes great!

Watch it, though. M'thinks she's able to hurt someone, being as fit as she is.

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Well, as they used to say in all the old films, "I'd sure like to see her try." ( ;

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Yes, this is the start of a beautiful love affair. In Estelle's debut set, her hair looked more brown than red. In this set I can clearly see her hair is a rich dark shade of red. This is really quite exquisite. Moreover, Estelle has a gorgeous womanly figure and a beautifully radiant smile. She is very photogenic. Her glowing personality simply shines through the monitor screen. Lovely! Simply lovely. I like the background of this update. Jeff Milton posed with it. I liked it then and I like it now. I wish there was some way to sort and index the updates by locations and settings. Maybe the RA techies could work on that. Meanwhile, I am in love with Estelle. She is perfect.

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