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This was great! I like seeing the models in their "natural state" It shows they are real women in a real world. Not everything in life is glitz and glamor so it's nice to see them enjoying life:)

  • 4 years ago
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I appreciate seeing the ladies having fun and being carefree! Fun fun fun. :)

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Sir, may I please have more?

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What makes these photos so great is they are real and not posed. They let the girls be just what they are. I would love to see a lot more of this. Seeing the girls in these unguarded moments shows us that they are really just normal girls and girls just want to have fun! ;)

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It is impossible to take an unflattering picture of Liv. That's just the way the universe works, and I'm sure that _fer_realz_ understands that. What he probably meant to say is that we'd all like to see more of her.

As well as just being fun, I find these pictures absolutely endearing, in a way that a more glamorous approach wouldn't be. It would be rather horrible if your girlfriend or wife just smiled and posed for you all the time; you wouldn't feel you knew her, or that she was acting like a real human being. Those moments when she bites into a lemon are the ones that really find their way into your heart.

I shouldn't admit to this, but I got sucked into seeing the Spice Girls movie once, and, although it was as terrible as you'd think, it had one good line. The Spice Girls are rehearsing, and, as always, it's manufactured pop music, with nothing to get hold of. "That was absolutely perfect, without actually being any good," their musical director snaps. Yeah. If something is "perfect," it can just mean that it's highly optimized along very artificial lines. Much nicer, every now and then, to have something more real.

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Oh yeah, definitely. I LOVE Liv. She is so... ALIVE. ( :

I think the wonderful thing about these pics is that Rylsky captured such genuine expressions just as they were happening spontaneously. ( :

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Some fun, and some funny shots. Some of the ladies have nicks, and dings, and ouchies in walk-about mode, some don't.

I love Liv's downy hair, Vittoria's glass cutters, Walda's smile, breasts, puffies...

These are images you created, what to your eyes or perception kept #34 from being published?

I always enjoy the backstage galleries and #11 is no exception.

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I am pleased to discover Liv on that wooden staircase. That is one of my favorite locations in all of Rylskyland. I fell in love with Chandra on that staircase. Alexandra was on that staircase. Several of the most beautiful models have been in that izba.

An absolutely great photo of Walda's wonderful grin.

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Oretha looks PISSED. Did you just wake her from a nap, or tell her that you needed her to stay on for an extra set when she thought she was going home?

Poor Liv got some not-so-flattering shots too, does she have allergies? Looks like you caught her in mid-sneeze.

These are very fun photos, although I hope Emily does NOT opt for the moustache look permanently... ( :

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#23 of Oretha is a totally Carrie-esque portrait. All she needs are flames coming out of her head. Maybe it was the sandals.

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Great fun! I love these sets.

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Hard to believe these women look the way they do out of their clothes isn't it? From her photos here, it's hard to believe this is the Oretha that garners so much attention.

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