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Now here is what is wrong with clicking that 10 button. What can I give this? What do I tell the model when I meet her after I die? "I'm sorry, I only had ten choices, there weren't any after that"?

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Ah, A beautiful blond in a classic black dress and heals against a black background. Whats not to like? Love those first 4 shots. This lady has legs to die for and a body that leaves nothing to be desired. Another solid mature body to please our senses and fire our imaginations.

A great teaser to make us want more and a deserving model who warrants more RA attention.

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We need to have more pictures and Video of this girl, she is stunning

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Photos - possible, video - if she agreed.

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Another gorgeous discovery this morning! Ella is adorable. I definitely second Myshkin's comment about toes and lips. Yummy.

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Welcome Ella. This is a fantastic debut. Pure, classic beauty, a whole range of really exciting poses, and great photography as always. I love those cute toes and lovely lips in the last few shots. Great job!

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