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Oh, those memories... I remember the chats with her, she truly was, and I guess, still is, that funny, playful, charming lady that's shown here.

Thank you Rylsky for bringing those memories back with this set, and I hope there are a few more sets left to show.

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thank you for your memories too

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Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww, Elisia is a rocket. What a bundle of energy. I love her green eyes, lonnng red hair and all the twisty tuggy ways she plays with her panties.

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Lovely Elisia looks so warm and cuddly, I bet she gives good hugs.

I really appreciate images with the model's hair displayed like in # 1 and...Friend Rylsky: how long does it take for one of your team to arrange the model's hair like that?

Elisunny is a very nice gallery and I thank Elisia and the Team for it.

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what time. my friend& you gotta love every second when you playing with such hair :) t could take hours before she will stop you because you enjoy too much.