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It is a shame that this was her only solo set. She is a delightful young woman with many wonderful attributes. It is my guess that some lucky young man stole her away from us.

She has a delightful body and a lovely face and it seems like she was quite at home in front of the camera and the all over even tan would suggest that she is at home in the nude. It is a loss for all of us that she didn't continue.

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Elisandra is a delectable young thing, another discovery for me. If she was really reading Dostoevsky, I want to marry her.

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You will be surprised, but everyone here (Russia) have read Dostoevsky: it is in any high school and University as part of regular program. Marry all of us, Sailor.

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“You're not Dostoevsky,' said the citizeness, who was getting muddled by Koroviev. Well, who knows, who knows,' he replied.

'Dostoevsky's dead,' said the citizeness, but somehow not very confidently.

'I protest!' Behemoth exclaimed hotly. 'Dostoevsky is immortal!”

― Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita

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a lovely and intelligent young woman. I would assume since there are no follow up sets that this one didn't continue to model. Such a shame but it sounds like she had a pretty full life outside so I wish her well in what ever she is doing now.

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This is a very intriguing young lady. Elisandra's biography seems to be written by some one who has a respectable command of the English language. I choose to believe it was written by Elisandra herself. In the biograghy, she writes that she likes to read classical literature. This photoset seems to be photograghed in either a library or a book store. The shelves are filled with books by W. Somerset Maugham, William Shakespeare and Anton Checkov in English, as well as both French and Russian books. I wonder if Elisandra can read the English language books.
Elisandra is a delightfully attractive young woman. Most noticable of her beautifully youthful features is a glorious mane of naturally curly, light brown hair, which frames a radiant and friendly face. She has those exquisitely beautiful deep dark blue eyes and a captivating and charming smile. She is possessed of a petite but perfectly proportioned figure. She has spent time in a tanning salon. Her skin is nicely tanned, with no tan lines. Her body is clearly fit and conditioned. I hope Rylsky will treat us to another visit with Elisandra soon.

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Lovely girl... great to see her gorgeous butt cheeks opened wide and her tight anus fully revealed!

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I love her wide open pussy!

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I love her neatly trimmed pubes

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