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What a stunningly beautiful young lady! I certainly hope that we see many more sets featuring her!

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I have been waiting to see lovely Delizi ever since I saw the announcement on Facebook. Here she is and she is certainly worth waiting for.

She deserves to be posed among works of art in an opulent setting. That is one beautiful and lucky chair. Thank you for the many chances to view her beautiful blue grey eyes. An image like 22 or 50 is certainly a treat.

Delizi, you are a beautiful young woman, I hope we are favored by many more appearances. Rylsky my friend I hope you have signed, or are working on, a long term contract with Delizi.

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Yes, you'll see much more of her sets here:)

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Happy days are here again! And soon we will be watching hockey. Will you be watching the UEFA first and second tier games?

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First - our beautiful ladies. you know

September - football only, October - life is good and full of sports for us :) We will open new blog page for our sports talk, as I promised. Before regular season starts.

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Good on all points!

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