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I love the 4th picture from the end of the set. Just absolutely gorgeous.

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A while back a blog came out asking about creativity in erotic art. This is an example of a creative set, whereby the photographer is exploring shots from many different angles with different subject focuses and probably more experimentation than I am aware of. The end result is something very fresh and enjoyable because it doesn't follow a repetitive formula. With the subject being my favorite newcomer (who soon cannot be considered a newcomer), this was even more delightful!!!

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thank you

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So many beautiful images of this lovely young woman.

Thanks to Ms. Alta for retaining her eyebrows and smiling so fetchingly. Thanks to our host for capturing the essence of beautiful Debora in so many varying ways and images.

Everyone brought their A game.

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Perfect title! She certainly is pretty! and it's a real treat to see such a large set.

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Wow! 112 magnificent photos of the remarkably beautiful and cute Ms Debora Alta. Each photo better than the one before. I bet Rylsky just could not stop clicking the camera. And the update is so big because Rylsky could not choose which images to edit out. I know how he must feel. When the slide show ended, I felt a little sad. Bravo Rylsky! Bravo! And my compliments to the beautiful Ms Debora Alta.

Btw: Rylsky's offering on MetArt this morning is fantastic too. Rylsky is at his very best today.

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Happy Spring, Neil!

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