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It is always nice to have another visit with Daisy Gold. I love her brilliant blue eyes. Her face reminds me of other models like Virginia Sun and Jeff Milton. Rylsky has so many beautiful models.

I noticed that Daisy has worn that same orange shirt before, in the update titled "Arbaro". And Daisy's most recent MetArt gallery seems to have been photographed in the same log house. I am always intrigued by the locations that Rylsky uses for his shoots.

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I wish there was some way to sort and search the updates by the locations. Maybe that is something the techies could work on.

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Dear Neil,

we tried to find this way of searching, but we can't. Please share your thoughts how you you want it to be done.

thank you for your ideas!

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A little help from the taggers would be good. If someone tagged "log house" or "gold room" searching would be easy.

I remember a MET member liked models wearing denim shorts. An advanced search on "denim shorts" and even "shorts" yielded tons of hits.

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tech team can not create specific system for each site, sorry. They use the same for all sites included in MA Network. That's why smaller sites as RA are hard to create tagging system stuff. Or 10+ of our members need to work on it on weekly basis for years, which is not possible until we will grow to huge site with 1000s of members. That's the truth that I see from my side.

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I understand. Thank you. I guess I would just have to come visit you to see these locations for myself, a thorough tour of Rylsky Land. :)

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Perhaps you could assign a code number to each specific location and display that code number in each update. Then we could search for that code number. We don't need the exact name of the locations or their addresses, just a code number to identify the location. The magnificent white and gold room and the rest of that hotel could be code number 001. Just an idea. :)

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I think several other models have been photographed in this log house, particularly Virginia Sun.

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Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of you.

This is a spectacular visit from lovely Daisy! So many beautiful images, I am certain that every member will have their own favorite(s). If you put my toes in the fire and challenged me to save them by choosing a favorite image, it would be #25.

Daisy in Fajrejo is one of very few galleries to challenge my all time favorite model ~ any site ~ any photographer. Friend Rylsky, I hope you and Daisy have many more collaborations to share with us.

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...only "half" crazy, Baggy? (;

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You're right fer.

Daisy has the power to drive me 100% crazy.

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