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We are experiencing the coldest day of the year here in Pennsylvania, USA. A blast of cold air has come down from western Canada and chilled us to the bone. So it is very nice to see our beautiful Clarice in a lovely warm summer setting. I think if Canada is going to continue to send us brutality cold weather, they should send us an emergency supply of Canadian whiskey too. If I wanted to be as cold as a Canadian, I would live in Canada.

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Alice May and then Clarice? Wow. My cup runeth over!!!

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My temperature forecast for the next few days. All in Celsius, overnight lows with next day highs in ( )s.

36 (24); 27 (23); 29 (22); 29 (27); 31 (25); 25 (15)!


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Is this the chilliest church in the world?


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Clarice is absolutely gorgeous, and wow, what a hot photo set!

The only thing missing was a close up of her beautiful face.

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Clarice is indeed a rare beauty and she knows how to display her assets for the pleasure of her clientele. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible beauty with us, your fans. ❤️

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Look at any image where you can see Clarice's face, isn't she beautiful?

I really like her eyes, bum, hair, lady bits, and shapely legs!

I appreciated Lemasga so much that I increased Clarice's rating for for my saving and storage purposes.

This is a very pleasant Christmas present from Clarice and Rylsky and I thank them.

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