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And Cira makes it 4 in a row! Ry you are really on a roll this week!

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Oh that smile in the cover photo just tugs at my heartstrings! What an amazingly gorgeous young woman Cira Nerri is!

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Oh how I love a woman with dark areolae. It's probably not P.C., but they always remind me of Hershey Kisses and we all know how we (at least I do) like to let them slowly melt in our mouths.

And BTW.... I just noticed the squared-off tips of Cira's nails. I can only imagine what they would feel like being slowly dragged across a person's skin - especially one's back. Mmmmmm... ;-)

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To me, that smile says "I'm wet and getting chilly. Can I _please_ get back into the nice warm water?"

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A lovely little bonus set for our Thursday morning. Very nice. Cira is a very pretty woman.

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