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Just when I was missing Cecile, there she is, and very welcome, too. #46 is a wonderful picture. It's as if she'd taken a break from modeling and was just being herself, and it's a really lovely smile, the kind that would make you feel good for days if you saw it in real life.

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I love this model and everything about her. Her tits are some of the finest in the world, they look proud on her. Firm, high, tight, with high erect nipples, irresistible and beautiful. But this set does not do her justice. Her hair dangles in the way of her breasts, and the poses are too modest. This model is a work of art, so show her.

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Well look who we have here and look where she is. I have a warm spot in my heart for Cecile. I always love her perfectly flawless makeup. Those beautiful brown eyes are wonderful. Cecile seems to have a habit of climbing on antique pianos. There is a different update in which Cecile climbs on an upright piano. In this set, we see Cecile climb on this baby grand piano-forte in the magnificent white and gold room. I really like this white and gold room. I have lost count how many models have posed in this room. I am sure there have been more than 25.

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This is Cecile's fifth set in this particular hotel. They probably were all shot in the same booking, about two years ago. Three of the sets were done in the hotel suite with this magnificent white and gold room. Two sets were done in a different room which, I think, is one floor above the white and gold room. If you review all of these sets, you will see that Cecile has shown us everything she has.

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Cecile is a very lovely lady with a lovely face and deep dark and beautiful eyes. Her body is great and obviously in great shape. Her nipples just blow my mind! I think they are the most prominent erect and fascinating nipples I have seen. I would certainly like to sample their taste,texture and sensitivity.

This set seems a bit conservative. No intimate closeups of that fine little pussy. However it is very nice to see her again.

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For those that might comment about the stocking not coming off I'd just like to say that I think they are fantastic right where they are!

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